Let's Have A Moment Of Silence For This Mansory-Tuned G63 6x6 That Burned To Death

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What. The. Hell. Happened?!

It's a sad day for gearheads around the world as a Mansory-tuned Mercedes-AMG G63 6x6 has gone up in flames over in Guangzhou, China. According to Car News China the six-wheeler struck a white Hyundai Santa Fe, crashing into its front left side. The photos of the accident make it seem like it wasn't too bad, but that didn't stop the 6x6 from bursting into flames. Fire consumed the entire right side in what must have been a spectacular sight to see (in terms of awe, not joy).

Unfortunately Car News China doesn't know what caused the accident and we're stumped as well. Maybe a wire was cut and a spark from ti started the blaze?Judging by the damage to the Santa Fe the Mercedes truck couldn't have been going very fast. There was also no mention of injuries. Could this just be the unluckiest ending to a fender bender ever? Remember that this is a tuned vehicle we're talking about. Past Mansory 6x6s have had over 800 horsepower. Check out pictures of the smoldering wreckage and then put on your detective hat and tell us what you think caused this fire.

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Source Credits: www.carnewschina.com

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