Let's Hope Ferrari's SUV Doesn't End Up Looking Like This


This is what you get when you mash the Ferrari 812 Superfast and Alfa Romeo Stelvio together. The result is…interesting.

The Super SUV craze has begun, as supercar manufacturers are beginning their first foray into the profitable SUV market to ensure long term survival. Kickstarting the craze is of course the Lamborghini Urus revealed last December, which is currently the fastest production SUV on the planet - it's probably only a matter of time before it beats the Alfa Romeo Stelvio's Nurburgring record. While the Urus is the first mass market SUV Lamborghini has produced, the military-style LM002 was technically Lamborghini's first off-roader.

Kleber Silva via behance

Ferrari, on the other hand, is expected to succumb to the crossover craze and launch its first ever SUV in 2021, though the Italian automaker refers to it as a 'Ferrari Utility Vehicle' (FUV). The logic is that Ferrari doesn't want to be associated with the stigma of SUVs and has been flatly denying any intentions of building one in the past, but the market is now simply too profitable to ignore. Codenamed the F16X, the focus will be more on performance than off-road agility since this is still a Ferrari, with rumors suggesting it will pack a gasoline-electric hybrid with a twin-turbo V8. The design is also said to incorporate "suicide back doors" with a "clever hidden arrangement" to make the FUV as fetching as possible.

Kleber Silva via behance

After looking at this render by Brazilian designer Kleber Silva, we can now see why Ferrari thinks having conventional doors would compromise the looks. Taking the front of a Ferrari 812 Superfast and slapping it onto the body of an Alfa Romeo Stelvio, we can see the logic of blending two Italian-designed cars together to imagine what a Ferrari-branded SUV will look like, but we're surprised they didn't base it on the range-topping Quadrifoglio version of the Stelvio. Like the Urus, we expect the final design to look a lot more aggressive if the emphasis is on performance. This just looks like a stubby SUV that's unworthy of a Ferrari badge.

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