Let's Hope the Next-Gen A4 Won't Look Like Every Other Audi

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Really, we're getting tired of the Russian doll design philosophy.

Audi has a bad habit when it comes to designing its sedans, specifically the A4, A6, and A8. They basically follow the pattern of a Russian nesting doll; their designs are very similar and seemingly just decrease in size as the number after the A goes down. We're not saying the designs are bad, just that there needs to be more differentiation. Audi is aware of these criticisms from both the media and public, and has indicated changes are in order for upcoming redesigns.

And today we've received some spy shots from our photographers showing the next-gen A4 testing in Germany. Now, the test mule seen here is wearing the body of the current car. Our photographers, however, did manage to snap a few shots of the new interior. It's hard to make out specifics, but there's clearly a large display screen and the outlines of an even more premium interior than in the current car. Sources tell us the new A4 will debut sometime in 2015.

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