Let's Start The Granddaddy Of Debates: Which Is The Best Corvette?

Everyone is going to have an opinion here. Cool.

It’s the question that every Corvette fan and owner has an answer for, and they’re often prepared to fight to the death to prove they’re right. Over the course of seven generations, the Chevrolet Corvette has spawned millions of fans. What’s so great about the car is not only the performance bang for the buck, but also the fact that Corvettes are relatively easy to maintain; there are just so many parts and mechanical specialists out there. Own a 1973 C3 and need a new transmission?

It can be found pretty quickly on eBay. So after watching this video from Regular Car Reviews, we were inspired to finally getting around to asking this: Which is your favorite Corvette? For the record, we’ve always had a thing for the C2.

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