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Let's Talk the Ferrari FXX K With a Ferrari Test Driver

No FIA regulations required here. It's all about maximum speed.

There really isn’t anything quite like it on this fine planet of ours. Sure, the LaFerrari exists, but the Italian supercar builder still had to somewhat hold back in order for it to comply with global road regulations. This situation isn’t anything new. Ferrari is quite familiar with the routine by this point. But there’s been a solution for several years now: a track-only version. The Ferrari FXX K’s predecessors, the 599XX and FXX, have pushed the technological and speed limits, although neither has raced professionally.

Nor will the FXX K. It was built so that owners can experience a track vehicle without limits. No FIA regulations were required during its development. Evo recently sat down with Ferrari test driver Marc Gene and asked him about the LaFerrari FXX K and its XX predecessors.

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