Let Science Show You How Traffic Can Appear And Ruin Life Out Of Nowhere

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This video helps explain this phenomenon, using science.

If you've ever driven a car then you've wasted time in traffic. That's just how the world works no matter where you live. When traffic hits, most people look around to see if someone ahead has crashed, if a light has suddenly turned red, or if a pack of wild dogs has strayed into the road. After you look around, you see nothing and traffic soon starts moving again. So how did traffic seem to appear out of nowhere? Can science explain why? Apparently it can. YouTube channel AsapScience is here to explain the phenomenon that is traffic.

The video explains that traffic mainly exists because drivers are not able to keep a constant speed. Even if there were no other factors, a group of drivers driving on an endless road would still cause each other to have to stop due to the lack of a constant shared speed.

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The video is full of fun facts about traffic that debunk a lot of common misconceptions. It also provides tips on how you, the individual driver, can do your part to help ensure traffic jams don't start. Admitting you're part of the problem is the first step in helping solve it. The video is certainly worth a watch because it will finally help you understand how traffic seems to come from nowhere.

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