Lethal Ferrari F50 is a Rubber-Burning Donut-Making Animal

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The Formula 1-inspired F50 performs a monster burnout followed by a cheeky donut. What else is it good for?

When the Ferrari F50 was introduced back in 1995 it was marketed as an F1 car for the road. Although it failed to reach the same iconic status as its predecessor the F40, it was still a brutal driving machine that only the brave and the very stupid would attempt to push to the limits. Perhaps not the prettiest Ferrari to emerge from the Pininfarina styling studio, what it lacked in good looks it certainly made up for in performance thanks to having a 513hp bored-out 4.7-liter V12 F1 engine under its hood.

The Ferrari F50 is able to shift from 0-60mph in 3.7 seconds and reach a 202mph top speed, which was phenomenally fast for its time.

The engine is bolted directly to the bulkhead so it becomes an integral part of the chassis, and the rear suspension is mounted to the gearbox. All this combined with an extremely light carbon-fiber tub makes the F50 a beautifully balanced, precise machine, and so ideal for burnouts and hand-brake turns. Only 350 F50's were built, making it more exclusive than the F40 and even the Enzo. And what better way to enjoy this rare Ferrari supercar than to burn some rubber down a country lane and pull out a couple of donuts.

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