Lewis Hamilton Gives Us A Lesson On How To Drive Fast In The Rain

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Restraint and a bit of technique goes a long way.

In the eyes of most car enthusiasts, race car drivers are freaks living among humans. While many people have a hard time driving correctly at highway speeds, race car drivers whiz down complicated tracks designed to max-out skill reserves, all while being hunted down by the rest of the competition at dizzying speeds. Then, things can get even worse. When rain falls onto the track and adjusts the dials of adhesion, driver's must find a way to restrain themselves while still turning times that would boggle the amateur on a dry track day.

That's why it pays for all other drivers, the mere mortals, to peep at the techniques that the champions use when in the wet.

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Here we see a first person view of Lewis Hamilton, regarded as one of the world's best racing drivers in the wet (and on dry land), racing at the Circuit of the Americas in his Mercedes F1 car. As the narrator explains, Hamilton uses various techniques, such as following the tire tracks of a previous car to avoid puddles and feathering the throttle to keep away from the brakes, to keep him rocketing down the track at over 10,000 RPM and out of the crash barriers. It's tough to replicate these maneuvers without plenty of practice, but the overall philosophy still holds. Practice restraint with the throttle, brakes, and steering while using technique and caution to hit the driest areas and leaving a slight bit of speed buffer to avoid spinning out.

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