Lewis Hamilton Prepares For Hungary

Formula 1

Lewis Hamilton may have won an important race last week, but now the pressure is on for the entire McLaren team to make sure it wasn't a fluke.

The stunning upset at Sunday's German Grand Prix may have closed the gap a bit between the current F1 points leader Sebastian Vettel and his rivals from McLaren and Ferrari as well as his Red Bull teammate, but Vettel is still on top, and those rivals have their work cut out for them. Lewis Hamilton, the winner of Sunday's race, is excited for the upcoming race in Hungary, but also keenly aware of the challenges. He is quoted as saying:

"After my win at the Nurburgring on Sunday, the Hungarian Grand Prix can't come soon enough. The team performed brilliantly last weekend and I want to maintain that momentum at the Hungaroring. It's going to be a completely different challenge. The weather conditions will be much hotter than they were at the 'Ring and the nature of the circuit will be very different too. The Hungaroring is a tight and twisty racetrack, not dissimilar to Monaco in terms of downforce levels, and it offers no let up for the drivers. We're always working behind the wheel, so it's very physical."

These are the sorts of conditions where the McLaren cars tend to be at a disadvantage against the excellent handing capabilities of the Red Bull cars. That said, the McLaren cars can still be very competitive, as we saw from how close Jenson Button, Hamilton's teammate, came to winning in Monaco. Spirits are high at McLaren, and if the Brits can keep up that momentum, a Red Bull championship might not be such a foregone conclusion.

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