Lexus' 2019 Sales Show The Coupe Isn't Dead Yet


But the sedan doesn't look so hot.

2020 is finally here, which means automakers are beginning to report their end-of-year sales for 2019. Toyota's Lexus luxury division celebrated its 30th-anniversary last year but sadly, the brand ended the year with a disappointing sales decrease. Lexus sold 35,325 vehicles in December, down 0.6% from 2018. In total, the Japanese luxury automaker moved 298,114 vehicles in all of 2019, which is down 0.1% from 2018.

When analyzing the numbers, it's easy to see where Lexus needs to improve in 2020. More SUVs and crossovers. The newly introduced UX crossover saw tremendous growth but the rest of the company's aging SUV lineup posted a sale decreases. On the car side, all of the sedans except the ES posted sales decreases and shockingly, the RC Coupe also increased in sales. Perhaps coupes aren't completely dead after all.

2016-2020 Lexus LX Front Angle View Lexus
2020 Lexus GX Front Angle View Lexus
2018-2020 Lexus NX Front View Driving Lexus

Lexus sold 14,920 units of the IS (down 34.9%), 3,3780 units of the GS (down 48.8%), 5,528 units of the LS (down 40.6%), and 1,219 units of the LC (down 38.4%). The ES remained the company's best-selling sedan with 51,336 units sold (up 5.9%) and the RC sold 4,591 units this year (up 36.7%). We are surprised to see the RC post a sales increase but perhaps the introduction of the RC F Track Edition created a halo effect for the model. In another surprise, Lexus reportedly sold three units of the LFA in 2019 even though the model has been out of production since 2012.

2016-2020 Lexus RX Front Angle View Lexus
2016-2020 Lexus GS F Three Quarter Front Left Side View In Motion Lexus
2019-2020 Lexus ES Front View Driving Lexus

As for the SUVs, the sub-compact UX only went on sale at the tail end of 2018, which explains its 3,592% sales increase with only 1,933 units sold. The rest of SUVs all posted decreases with the NX selling 58,715 units (down 5.4%), the RX remaining the best-selling model with 111,036 units (down 0.5%), the GX selling 25,945 units (down 2.9%), and the aging LX still managing to sell 4,718 units (down 0.7%). Despite the LX's age, sales increased by a staggering 165.1% in December, proving that a new replacement might be needed and people are still willing to buy a rugged body-on-frame SUV.

"Lexus had a good showing in 2019 with support from exponential growth in hybrid sales, and the launch of five new and updated vehicles including RX, GX, UX, RC F, and RC F Track Edition," said David Christ, group vice president, and general manager, Lexus Division. "To kickoff 2020, we are excited to auction a one-of-a-kind LC 500 Convertible on January 17 at the Barrett-Jackson auction, benefiting the Bob Woodruff Foundation and Boys & Girls Clubs of America."

2020 Lexus RC F Front Angle View Lexus
2018-2020 Lexus LC 500 Front View Driving Lexus

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2016-2020 Lexus LX Front Angle View
2020 Lexus GX Front Angle View
2016-2020 Lexus RX Front Angle View
2018-2020 Lexus NX Front View Driving

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