Lexus Aileron Concept Unveiled

Lexus' new Aileron concept car is truly one for the future.

Jiyun Seo's latest creation came in the form of the new Lexus Aileron concept car. The radical concept was developed while she was taking a transportation design course in South Korea's Hong-ik University. Inspired by origami, the car's low profile contains a multiple layer effect with extending body panels that allow the car to change its aerodynamic profile depending on the speed at which it is traveling. In keeping with the concept idea, no mention has been made of how the panels will actually move.

The great looking body, made of bio-steel, a material which hasn't actually been invented yet. A multitude of intakes located at the front of the car will help keep the rear-positioned engine cool though there is also no mention of the drivetrain that will power this futuristic 2-seater. The interior looks pretty interesting, with a U-shaped steering wheel and a collection of gadgets located throughout the Aileron. The center console is a little disturbing however, as it nearly separates the driver and passenger.

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