Lexus Announces Global Debut Of Two New Models At Pebble Beach

Does the company have any exciting surprises up its sleeve?

With several aging models due for a refresh, Lexus has just announced that it will bring out two new stars for an official unveiling at this week's 2015 Pebble Beach Concours d’Elegance. However, the company has not provided any details on what those models might be. As one of the world's most affluent car shows, the company could have some important surprises tucked away for the California show. As we reported the other day, the company is planning to add another flagship alongside the LS, but said it would "define what it is in January."

The LS itself, however, might be a likely candidate. The latest update to the model came in 2012 but has since been overshadowed by new competitors from BMW and Mercedes. Also in 2012, Lexus unveiled the latest update to the dated LX SUV, which continues to pride itself as being a luxury version of the Toyota Land Cruiser. Could we be introduced to something new in this area? Finally, with the GS F unveiled at this year's Detroit Motor Show, it could be time for the rest of the GS family to catch up with a refresh or redesign. Will Lexus wow us with something completely new, or simply use this platform to play catch-up with its European competitors?

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