Lexus Can't Keep Name Of Upcoming Flagship Crossover A Secret


A new trademark filing may have revealed the new vehicles nameplate.

Lexus understands the necessity of having a complete lineup of luxury crossovers. After all, Lexus played a major role in starting the crossover segment with the original RX back in 1998. Last January at Detroit, the LF-1 Limitless concept premiered, previewing an upcoming production version that’ll probably serve as the flagship crossover. But what will it be called? The Lexus Enthusiast has learned that Toyota has trademarked the LQ nameplate in the United States earlier this month for “automobiles and structural parts thereof.”

Why do we think LQ will be used for the upcoming flagship crossover? Because Lexus has a long history of using the letter “L” for its range-topping vehicles. Examples include the LS sedan, Toyota Land Cruiser-based LX SUV and, more recently, the LC grand touring coupe. What Lexus has never used in naming either a concept or production model is the letter “Q”. First time for everything. Like all of its competitors, having a large crossover is vital for Lexus these days. With sedan sales, regardless of size, continuing their downward spiral, Lexus will soon have the highly coveted full lineup of crossovers ready to go. This lineup already includes the just revealed subcompact UX, compact NX, mid-size RX and, presumably, the LQ.

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Aside from the LX large SUV, there’s also the GX, which is actually a rebadged version of the Land Cruiser sold in overseas markets. Considering the relatively rapid speed from concept to production of past Lexus crossover, it’s entirely possible the LQ could debut in production form as soon as the 2019 Tokyo Motor Show, a year from this October.