Lexus' Choreographed 5-Car Drift Is Like Ballet For Gearheads

The Japanese automaker just raised the bar for drift videos.

When it comes to drifting videos, it doesn’t get much betterthan Lexus’ “Dance of F.” This video is high-quality, features fast carsand is choreographed to perfection. It stars five cars: An LFA, two RC Fs andtwo RC F GT-500s. The cars slip and slide around Japan’s Fuji Speedway withexpert precision in a routine choreographed by Takayuki Kinoshita. The entirething is set to a soundtrack fit for a ballet, albeit one with roaring enginesand screeching tires.

This video successfully promotes the F line and may even getsome gearheads interested in ballet. Mind you that’s a big “may.”

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