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Lexus Could Once Again Make Old Owners Angry

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Something new will debut this October.

A year and a half ago, we spoke to now-retired Lexus group vice president Jeff Bracken about the luxury brand's controversial front spindle grille. He outright admitted it was bold and the design wasn't for everyone. Bracken even acknowledged he took phone calls from some of the brand's longtime traditional owners where they expressed their dismay regarding the design. Although he understood their concern, the front spindle grille and sharp lines design language is here to stay. In fact, it appears it's going to be taken to the next level.

Motor1 claims Lexus has plans to reveal an all-new EV concept in late October at the Tokyo Motor Show. No big deal, right? After all, nearly every automaker these days is rushing an EV, whether it's a production model or a concept.

However, this new EV concept will supposedly feature an even more radical design language compared to today's current lineup. The spindle grille will be taken to the next level. This report also claims the concept will be "a small hatchback-like vehicle." That could also mean a crossover because, after all, crossovers are nothing more than raised hatchbacks. Aside from this tidbit of information, all other details remain under wraps. While the design evolution will almost certainly not win everyone over, perhaps the most important thing about the concept will be its platform. If you recall, Toyota and Subaru fairly recently announced a joint plant to develop an all-new EV platform in order to reduce costs for both automakers.

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It's entirely possible this Lexus concept will offer the first preview of that platform, complete with technical data and specs like driving range and battery strength. Given there are plans to have total of 10 EV models by 2025 between Toyota and Lexus, this new architecture will certainly underpin some if not all. We still don't know whether this upcoming Lexus concept is slated for production, but its technology and design is bound to appear sooner rather than later.