Lexus Could Shove The LC's Engine Into A Crossover

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The new patent suggests a more special Lexus RX is coming.

The Lexus RX range includes one of the first hybrid SUVs ever in the RX450h, but as impressive as this stylish luxury SUV is, Lexus is known for upgrading its vehicles with special editions to make them even better. While we have no problem with that, we're even more interested in new models. Recently, we came across patent information for a new RX450h+ model and although we don't yet know exactly what this means, we suspect that it refers to a plug-in variant of the popular hybrid. Now, there's another new patent for the RX range, and it's even more interesting. The patent filed refers to a new model called the RX500h, and we have a pretty good idea of what it signifies.

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One theory is that the regular RX450h will be replaced by this model, but that earlier patent suggests that the 450h will live on. The other theory - and the one we hope turns out to be true - is that the RX500h will offer similar output to that of the LS500h. If that does indeed turn out to be the case, then we would see the RX jump from its current output of 308 horsepower to a much more enjoyable 354 hp. This would make the RX500h a little more exciting, and hopefully, we'd see a 0-60 mph time of under seven seconds, unlike the current model.

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With its current output, the RX Hybrid is also not all that exciting on the top end, with a maximum speed of just 112 mph. A higher top speed would be welcome, and perhaps an increase in output would help improve the already impressive towing capacity of the SUV too. For reference, the current model can tow a respectable 3,500 pounds. Unfortunately, the patent filing was lodged in Europe, so even if all our speculation turns out to be true, there's no guarantee that we'll get the upgraded model in the States. That said, Lexus would be silly not to upgrade one of its best offerings.

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