Lexus Creates The Ultimate Bond Between Man And Machine

New seating technology is nothing to laugh about.

As one of the key contributors to the advancement of automotive technology, Lexus is continually searching for new ways to enhance driving dynamics and performance, and its latest creation has given the driver/vehicle interface an entirely new perspective. The Variable Load Coupling Rear Orientation System, also known as the Lexus V-LCRO Performance Driver’s Seat, is fitted with Velcro adhesive panels that will keep drivers firmly in place at all times when wearing a specially designed suit with a Velcro back.

This latest bit of kit laughs in the face of side bolsters. Drivers can now be connected to their car through the seat of their pants (and not just via hands on the steering wheel), making the bond between man and machine stronger than ever. However, as you’ll see in the video, there’s just one small problem with this new piece of cutting-edge technology…

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