Lexus GS-F and RC-F Finally Armed To Properly Demolish A Race Track

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It's been a long time coming, let's just be happy it happened in the first place.

There are three cars in the Lexus lineup that completely split from the general character of the company's cars and become something else entirely. One of these, the LFA, is so far out of the league of the other two that it's not worth mentioning. The other two are the GS-F and RC-F, cars that we have spent time with learning about their uncharacteristically (for Lexus) bumpy rides and exceptionally sharp handling. Engineers at Lexus, who usually prefer soft rides, wanted to add variety.

Fortunately for fans of the F brand, that doesn't mean that Lexus suddenly detuned the GS and RC variants and made them grand tourers. Instead, Lexus decided to treat customers who pick the aging coupe and sedan over a new Mercedes-AMG E63 S to a special treat called variable suspension. No options box needs to be ticked to attain it either because Lexus throws it in as standard. The system adds a drive setting to the two cars, which already include selectable drive modes and a torque-vectoring differential with three separate settings to help corner exits become opportunities for full-throttle acceleration. The system works by taking in information from various sensors that measure G-force, yaw rate, and vehicle speed.

This helps the computer take into account the driver's selection and adjust damping force through 30 levels. As much as we're happy Lexus decided to modernize its cars with the technology, this is something that should have happened a long time ago given that most of the RC-F's and GS-F's rivals outclass the Lexus brothers by a long shot. The good news that can be gathered from the addition of the dampers is that they could make it to the new LC500, which will get the 5.0-liter V8 pushing 467 horsepower. Lexus will also be preserving the torque vectoring differential for the LC500, and given that car's dimensions, the whole package will weigh less. Hopefully this is enough to give AMG and M a run for their money.

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