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Lexus Has A Clever Solution If You Need A Car For A Month

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Introducing the Lexus One subscription service.

Subscription services are the latest trend in the automotive industry, where rather than paying towards the cost of owning a car, subscribers can pay to drive an assortment of cars from a certain brand, dealership chain, or even rental car agency with all of the maintenance and insurance costs already covered. The idea seeks to attract younger customers who are used to paying subscription fees for services like Netflix and Hulu and don't want the long-term commitment of a car lease.

Lexus jumped in with own service called Lexus Complete Lease, which lets customers "subscribe" to drive a UX for two years with insurance and maintenance included. Now, the luxury automaker is introducing a new service called Lexus One, which works quite differently.

Lexus One is only available in the UK and allows subscribers to choose from an assortment of used hybrid Lexus vehicles, each of which has a different monthly price. The range of vehicles currently available includes the CT, IS, NX, RC, and RX, so, unfortunately, you won't be able to rock a sweet LC 500h (at least for now). We checked the monthly rates, which range from around £619 ($718) per month for a CT 200h to around £1,099 ($1,396) for an RX 450h.

The monthly rate covers insurance, maintenance, road tax, roadside assistance, a five pence per-liter fuel savings at any BP gas station, and a weekly car wash from any participating Lexus center. There is no expensive downpayment to make, except for a small, one-time fee of £149 for joining the service.

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At the end of the month, Lexus will ask if you'd like to keep the car or switch to something else. If you'd like to cancel after two or three months, there is no penalty. The monthly fee includes 1,000 miles per month, and you will be charged extra if you exceed it. There is some leeway if, for instance, you subscribe for two months and travel 1,200 miles in the first month, but stay under 800 miles in the second month.

This sounds like a unique way for Lexus to utilize one to two-year-old used vehicles. If you are in the process of moving or deciding which car to buy and only need transportation for a few months, Lexus One seems like a nice option.