Lexus Has No Intention Of Making A Full-On EV


Not even a little bit.

Considering the relative uncertainty we have with regards to what powertrain will eventually replace the internal combustion engine as the most preferred option, it's perhaps understandable why so many options are out there. From full-on EVs to hydrogen, to solar power and even salt water, there are a myriad alternatives on the table at the moment. However, as Green Car Reports has noticed, it appears Lexus doesn't think much of electric-only cars.

As showcased on the official Lexus website, it appears the Japanese premium carmaker is actually rather confident that its hybrid powertrains are superior to all-electric cars. What else can you deduce from a tagline of "Always charged. Always ready," after all? Or, indeed, the follow-up "all with nothing to plug in" quote further down the "hybrid" section on Lexus' website? For sure, promoting the core selling points of your cars is expected, and sly digs at competing products aren't anything new in the automotive industry. But we don't recall seeing anything that blatantly highlights the negative attributes of other vehicles on the scale shown in this Lexus promotional material for a good while now.

For the record, we're not having a go at Lexus for doing this. On the contrary, we actually thought it was handled rather well, and we'd be lying if we said we didn't smirk a little bit upon seeing the banner ad for the first time. Plus, it gives us our clearest indication yet that Lexus (along with, we presume, its parent company Toyota) doesn't see much of pure electric powertrains at this moment in time. The range issues alluded to in the ads likely are the reason why they haven't won the firms over just yet. Given the rate in which powertrain technology appears to be developing in the auto industry, it'll be interesting to see Lexus' stance on hybrid power in the near future.


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