Lexus Has "No Plans" For LFA Successor

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Right now.

Lexus revealed a new concept will debut at the Geneva Motor Show next month, and we already know it won't be a LFA successor. Unfortunately, it seems we'll be waiting some time to see that. Speaking with Automotive News, Mark Templin, executive vice president of Lexus International, said "We don't have a plan for an LFA successor right now. I think you will see us do some incredible things in the future, but probably not a $375,000 supercar anytime soon."


The Japanese carmaker is currently focused on creating F-series high-performance versions and F Sport tuner packages. A new halo car will come, but nothing is in the pipeline. Hand-built in a 500 limited production run, the last LFA rolled off the assembly line in December 2012. Despite being a very expensive project, the supercar has paid dividends in other ways. "It was a great project because it inspired our engineers, and we learned a lot that is helping us with all our other products," Templin said. "Everything they learned about steering precision and great suspensions and lightweight materials."

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