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Lexus IS Convertible Needs Replacing: What About the LF-C2 Concept?

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Or is there another option that's being considered?

Late last month, Lexus announced it had no intention of building a production version of the LF-C2 concept that premiered in LA. Apparently dealerships weren't interested in it, insisting instead on a three-row crossover. That's where the profits are to be made, according to the dealers. But that was so last month's talk. Things change in this industry all the time, and now we're hearing that a production-spec LF-C2 could happen after all.

Basically, Lexus is pondering what to replace its aging IS convertible with. It needs a convertible to sell because that's what luxury brands have. But there's apparently another option Lexus is exploring: a convertible variant of the upcoming LC 500, which first premiered as the LF-LC concept. If Lexus were to go with the latter, then it would be considered a halo convertible simply to elevate the brand. A production LF-C2 would probably be more profitable though. Lexus is also looking at the possibility of building both, but having two convertibles on sale at the same time is tricky. Then again, if Lexus wants to be considered on par with BMW and Mercedes, it'll have to take some chances.

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