Lexus Is In The Middle Of A Revolution To Make Its Cars More Emotional


But will it work?

Lexus has drastically changed the exterior styling of itsvehicles, which, depending on your perspective, is either a good orbad thing. Now, Auto Express reports that senior executives at Lexus plan onbringing models that will “become more emotional and dynamic” to drive. To showthe world that it’s serious about making cars that are fun to drive, Lexus debutedits new multi stage hybrid powertrain on the LC500h that uses a CVTtransmission and a four-speed torque converter automatic gearbox. This was doneto give the car a better feeling.

Chief Engineer Koji Sato told Auto Express that the uniquesetup was used to remove the “feeling of disconnect because of the way theengine speed rises and falls at odds with the vehicle speed.” The setup notonly gives the vehicle a “unique character” and “better response,” but is moreenjoyable. “The hybrid system is not just for an eco-device anymore, it can befun to drive,” stated Sato. “And this is just the beginning for Lexus.” The newrear-wheel drive GA-L modular platform used in the LC500h and V8-powered LC tookfive years to make. The platform is designed to have a low center of gravity, isa front-mid engine layout and is claimed to have the stiffest underbody theautomaker has ever created.

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The modular platform, along with the multi-stage hybridpowertrain will be utilized on a number of models in the next few years. WithLexus deciding to put a successor to the LFA on hold for a while, it’s a good ideafor the automaker to reinvent the rest of its lineup by making its vehiclesmore enjoyable to drive. But we’re not sure that a more rigid chassis and lowcenter of gravity is enough to put Lexus ahead of the pack.