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Lexus Is Still Pondering A Replacement For The CT Hatch

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Despite SUV popularity, the Lexus hatch may return.

Lexus stopped selling the CT200h in the US back in 2017, and has since released the UX200 and UX250h to act as entry-level models for the brand. The decision makes sense, as SUVs now outsell cars in the US market. Though the hybrid UX will likely take over where the CT left off, rumors have indicated that Lexus may bring back the CT as a hybrid and a full EV to battle the Tesla Model 3. In an interview with Autocar, Lexus' European boss confirmed that a CT replacement is being considered, despite the popularity of SUVs.

Pascal Ruch, head of Lexus' European division said "The size of the segment the CT competes in is still very significant. At the moment, I see the UX as delivering additional volume, not necessarily replacing the CT. We've just updated the CT, so we have at least two more years of sales to make an evaluation from. There is no rush to make a decision." Ruch is of course referring to Europe, where the CT is one the oldest Lexus models on sale, having been on the market since 2011. Still, the CT does serve an important role for the Lexus brand that the company doesn't want to lose.

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The CT acts as an entry into the Lexus brand. Ruch said that "Between 70% and 75% of [CT] buyers are new to Lexus, and that is a great opportunity for us to demonstrate our qualities to customers. Of course I hope the UX can deliver similar results, but they don't have to be at the expense of the CT." The US may be a different story, but it seems like the CT still has plenty of life left in it elsewhere in the world.