Lexus IS Transformed Into Incredible Art Car With Stunning LED Lights

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Lexus has taken Lite Brite to a new level.

Lexus has created some odd special edition versions of the IS including the Sriracha Edition at the LA Auto Show. Now the company has just released a new version called the LIT IS for the premier of Dua Lipa's "Be the One" music video. The LIT IS is named as such because it is covered with 41,999 programmable LED lights which basically turn the car into one giant screen. The car will be featured in the music video as a visual anchor. The LIT IS is definitely interesting to look at because it can basically change color at will.

With all of the lights turned on, the car produces 175,000 lumens. If you lined up all of the lights, they would stretch for half of a mile. There are three modes that allow the lights to react to music and hand gestures with the help of an integrated gaming console.

You can watch the music video here that features the special edition Lexus. We doubt that this technology would ever be put on a production car, although we do love the idea of having a car that can change colors. For now, we'll just enjoy looking at the light show.

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