Lexus Launches Subscription Service For All-New UX Crossover

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It's called Lexus Complete Lease, but will only be in select cities.

Like many other premium automakers, Lexus has officially launched its subscription-style leasing program, called Lexus Complete Lease. Its all-new UX subcompact crossover will initially be the only model in the service, which is set to get underway in the first quarter of 2019 when the UX will be in showrooms in both UX200 and UX250h guise. Lexus will offer two-year leases with a 20,000-mile limit for a so far unannounced set price tag. This non-negotiable price, however, will include the lease payment itself, insurance, and all maintenance coverage.

Details such as which insurance company is being contracted and how (or whether) customers can order and configure their UX online or at a Lexus dealership have also yet to be provided. Another vital fact is that this program will not initially launch nationwide, but rather in the following cities: Boston, Chicago, Los Angeles, and Miami. More cities are expected to be added at some point.

Those cities were chosen because the UX is being targeted at younger urban customers, and because of the fact that insurance payments in those cities are typically higher, an all-in-one subscription fee is being designed to be an attractive offer.

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Of course, the Lexus UX Complete Lease program isn't without direct competition, for example, the Volvo XC40 and the Care By Volvo subscription service, which begins at $600 a month.

We were impressed with the Lexus UX following our recent test drive and we can understand the appeal it'll have for its intended audience. It drives beautifully, it's quiet, and luxurious. But perhaps what's best for those city dwellers is its compact dimensions, making it easy to park and general day-to-day driving. We'll provide further details about the Lexus Complete Lease program once we have them.

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