Lexus LBX Subcompact Crossover Could Look Just Like This

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Recent trademarks suggest a new Lexus is coming.

Lexus has been stirring up quite the number of rumors and speculations surrounding its SUV lineup. The brand has been filing trademarks for new model names that have broken with the company's traditional naming convention which includes the letters S, C, and X. In August it was reported that the Japanese luxury car manufacturer had filed two new trademarks. Both were for the registration of the "LBX" name. Previously released information has led the automotive world to believe that Lexus would be planning a new flagship SUV model to replace the LX 570 named the LQ, and now the LBX enigma has many wondering what Lexus has got up its sleeves. Designer KDesign has imagined the LBX as a new subcompact SUV to slot in below the Lexus UX and NX, and the results are impressive.


Lexus has given no indication as to what the LBX might look like, with the official European patent indicating that the trademark is for "automobiles and structural parts thereof" which could mean a chassis platform or new model range name. The fact that the LBX name has not been patented in the US has made some believe that if the LBX is to be a new model, it will not show up on American shores. Either way, the fact that no one knows what the LBX is or will look like means that speculation has followed, and KDesign has come up with a subcompact crossover that shares underpinnings with Toyota's other foreign-market subcompact crossover: the Toyota Yaris Cross.

2018-2021 Lexus NX Front Angle View Lexus
2018-2021 Lexus NX Top View Lexus
2018-2021 Lexus NX Front View Driving Lexus
2018-2021 Lexus NX Side Mirror Lexus

The imagined car features the bold front end we've come accustomed to on modern Lexus cars with a gaping front grille and sleek headlights that closely resembles the Lexus NX. The side profile is slightly less dramatic, but still features black flared fenders, and a set of large five-spoke alloy wheels and color-coded side mirrors. In the rear, the LBX render shows off two exhaust exits and some F Sport badging on the license plate holder. We might not know what Lexus has planned with the LBX name, but these renders look mighty fine.

2018-2021 Lexus NX Front Angle View Lexus
2018-2021 Lexus NX Rear Angle View Lexus
2018-2021 Lexus NX Front Angle View Lexus

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2018-2021 Lexus NX Top View
2018-2021 Lexus NX Front Angle View
2018-2021 Lexus NX Side Mirror

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