Lexus LC 500 Is An Excellent Lexus But Makes For A Terrible Sports Car

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It still makes the RC coupe look like a dinosaur.

The world of the automobile is constantly switching back and forth between numbers and emotion as currency, using each as a form of validation when advertising with the goal of moving cars from the dealership to customer driveways. Like many new cars, the Lexus has the numbers, using a 5.0-liter V8 to filter 471 horsepower through a ten-speed automatic and out through the rear wheels. What it lacks is validation for the emotion the designers and engineers built into the coupe as standard.

That can't come from a sheet of paper drummed up by one lucky test driver's day at the track. No, this takes more than that. It takes putting a relatable driver behind the wheel of a car, surrounding them with cameras, giving them a full tank of gas and a fresh set of tires, and hoping that your insurance company doesn't take the fall for their torture tests.

Lexus recruited Motor Trend's Jason Cammisa to do just that, and the resulting video is a report card on the sorts of emotion the LC 500 conveys. It's an important component because, well, despite looking great on paper, the impressive facts and figures start to erode on the road. At least if you look at it through the lens of a sports car that is which, despite the styling, the LC 500 is certainly not. It's a Lexus first and foremost, which means that lap times come third, with comfort and style taking up the first two spots. Unfortunately beauty does not equal brains because according to Cammisa, nothing has changed since Lexus first gave us the RC-F with a completely useless infotainment system.

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