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Lexus LF-LC GT Vision Gran Turismo Can Be "Driven" This Spring

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In virtual reality, that is.

A production version of the gorgeous Lexus LF-LC concept is on its way, and the automaker is already building up the hype. What you're looking at is the LF-LC GT Vision Gran Turismo, which will be available for all you Gran Turismo 6 fans sometime this spring. According to the official Gran Turismo website, this latest addition will be offered in a free update for PlayStation3. Clearly this virtual racer's styling has been inspired by the concept and was developed to answer fans who "want to race world competitions in their dream car."

A quick tour of the exterior shows aggressive front and rear styling, LED headlights, ventilated hood, side exhaust pipes, and plenty of aerodynamic add-ons. That massive rear wing and diffuser are also really nice touches. The concept's creators further claim that design and development was undertaken targeting entry in races like the Super GT and Nurburgring 24 hours. Cool, but what we're really waiting for is the actual production-spec LF-LC. All we know is that it's currently in development.

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