Lexus LF-LC Heading for Production

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After being lavished with praise at the 2012 Detroit Auto Show, Lexus has finally green lit production for its LF-LC concept.

Although it's been rumored for some time, Lexus had repeatedly refused to comment whether or not its beautiful LF-LC grand tourer concept would receive the production green light. That is, until now. Ward's Auto has confirmed from the Japanese luxury brand's vice president of marketing that the LF-LC concept will officially make production. VP Brian Smith told Ward's that the LF-LC "was (intended as) a concept car, and I think it surprised everybody, including us, when Japan said due to overwhelming response they decided to do it. It's a huge win."

Smith did not disclose any other details such as an official production time table or how much it will cost when it finally arrives. Enthusiast website GT Channel predicts that its production name could be the LC 550 and incorporate many of the concept's design traits, with a price tag of more than $100,000. It could end up being a successor to the discontinued and bland SC 430. We're willing to bet it'll pack a V8 hybrid powertrain and an eight-speed automatic that'll send power to the rear wheels. For now, however, everything is just speculation.

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