Lexus LF-LC on Track for Development

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High-end sports car could slot in below LFA supercar as soon as 2015 to help Lexus rid itself of its bland image.

When Lexus unveiled the LF-LC Concept at the Detroit Auto Show in January, it seemed implausible the luxury automaker would ever put the car into production, but it appears that's exactly what's going to happen. Dealerships and distributors are reportedly crazy for the chance to sell the edgy sports coupe, and Lexus insiders have revealed to Automotive News that given the exceptionally positive feedback the concept received upon its debut, it will almost certainly be put into development.

Toyota's Calty Design Center in California came up with the concept, following a brief to showcase Lexus in a sportier light. And with the LFA V10 supercar giving Lexus more pizazz, the LF-LC (a name trademarked in February) would represent an advancement of the SC 430 coupe offering "green-but-entertaining" motoring at a price significantly more accessible than that of the six-figure LFA. Expect pricing in the Porsche 911 Turbo and Aston Martin Vantage bracket, so around the $120,000 mark, if and when the car hits showrooms sometime in 2015.

Depending on whether the LF-LC will utilize an existing chassis (such as the IS-F sedan platform), or be built from scratch, it could take up to 36 months to prepare the prototype for production. Sporting the signature spindle grille, Lexus' mew "L finesse" design language, and a front-engined RWD hybrid powertrain, the premium Toyota brand's new high-end sports car has the right ingredients to help the marque regain its crown as the best-selling luxury auto brand in the US - a crown it lost this year to BMW and Mercedes.

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