Lexus LF-SA Mini Car Leaked Ahead Of Geneva; We Can See Why It Was A Secret

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Lexus, you cannot be serious.

Lexus has long denied that it was working on getting into lower-priced market segments, but the recently leaked images of the LF-SA concept certainly suggest otherwise. Some reports have suggested that this is a very small crossover, built to take on the larger Mini models in Europe (that was an absurd sentence, we know). But the weird proportions of the body make it genuinely difficult to tell exactly what it is supposed to be.


Even if this isn't meant to be a crossover, and is simply a premium-branded city car, you'd think that Aston Martin's having only sold 150 units of the Cygnet over a two year period would have convinced other luxury brands to avoid the city car market. We don't have any details about the car yet, whatever it is, but we should have some once the Geneva Motor Show gets underway in a couple of days. We will give Lexus this much, it is a bold move, and that's not really something Lexus has been known for all that much. What do you think of the concept?


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