Lexus LFA: At Least 11 of 500 Are Now Up For Sale

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What's going on with the coolest Lexus ever?

With only 500 units ever built and with years of research leading up to its production, the Lexus LFA is not only a stupendously awesome car, but it was also expected to become an immediate collector's item. But while all examples of the 4.8-liter, V-10-engined, carbon-fiber-bodied supercar were bought out long before it hit the roads, it now seems that many of the original buyers are getting rid of their LFA just two short years after they were initially purchased.

Currently, DuPont Registry has 11 Lexus LFAs listed for sale on its website. The cars range in clocked mileage from as low as 42 miles to as high as 1,634, with price fluctuations running from $348,900 to $392,300. Though this rash of sales doesn't deduct from the LFAs proven awesomeness, we do have to ask: is it something about the car that is making these people sell, or were its original owners just especially prone to having ADD?


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