Lexus LFA-Like LC F To Debut With Over 600 Horsepower

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Lexus' F performance brand is finally trying to aim for Mercedes-AMG.

If there's one desire we came away with after driving the Lexus RC F for a week, it was for more horsepower. Okay, maybe two wishes because to be brutally honest, the RC F could stand to lose a few pounds. We can now, however, put our Lexus body shaming on hold thanks to a report from Car and Driver, which claims that Toyota's luxury offshoot has some seriously wicked plans up its sleeve for the new LC. The LC will elevate Lexus' coupe segment up a few notches in terms of price and luxury.

The result will be that Lexus will finally have a car that competes with the highest ranks of established luxury automakers like Mercedes, BMW, and Audi. However, the current LC500 gets the same 5.0-liter V8 pushing 467 horsepower and 398 lb-ft of torque while the LC500h only gets a V6 engine mated to electric motors for a total of 354 horsepower. In other words, those who harbor feelings for high speeds would see it in their best interest to take their checks to Aston Martin or AMG dealerships. "Not so fast," said Lexus. According to what an internal source told Car and Driver, rumors of a hot rod LC F will come true when a 4.0-liter twin-turbo V8 engine is fitted under the hood making 600 horsepower.

That will be diluted through the same ten-speed automatic gearbox from the LC500, enabling Lexus to once again impress the world with what's likely to be a blend of grand touring perfection and technology reminiscent of what we last saw in the LFA. The engine was developed by joining two 8AR-type 2.0-liter four-cylinder motors together at 90 degrees. In addition to the new engine, the LC F will gain aerodynamic goodies got help it deliver on-track brutality by means of a fixed rear wing, hood vents, air ducts for brake cooling, a front splitter, side and rear air vents, and 20-inch wheels mummified by high-performance tires. Six-piston brake calipers up front will help reign in the power when an overly zealous right foot sends the car careening towards a wall.


Lexus has yet to unveil any information about the car's hardware, but for the moment, it appears that the LC F won't have its power output supplemented by a hybrid drivetrain to reach its 600 horsepower output as previous rumors had mentioned. Unfortunately for those hoping for a bargain supercar, Lexus is vetoing that notion because the LC F expected to cost almost double what the $92,995 LC500 sells for. The best case scenario would be for the LC F to come from the factory as a bargain-priced LFA in LC garb while at worst, it will be an overpriced attempt at investigating whether the Lexus brand is as valuable as Germany's luxury automakers. Let's wait around until fall to learn more, shall we?


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