Lexus LFA Owner Hates Speed Bumps

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Speed bumps were no match for this Norwegian LFA owner. He simply lobbied his town council to have one removed from his neighborhood.

When you're the owner of something like a Lexus LFA, objects such as speed bumps can really be a drag. But hey, they're there for safety reasons and despite those who may own a V10-powered supercar, most drivers simply accept them. But not one guy from Norway. Rune Berge Vik is a Lexus enthusiast and newly minted LFA owner (he reportedly has the only LFA in the Nordic region) who discovered a small problem when driving his new ride home from the importer in Oslo.

The LFA has a ground clearance of just 4.3" inches, which isn't enough to make it over those pesky speed bumps without causing damage to the car's underbody. So what to do about this major inconvenience? Berge Vik, who plans on driving his LFA daily, went to his local town council and was able to have the speed bump removed from his neighborhood in the town of Stavanger. Too bad all politicians and governments can't be this awesome.

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