Lexus LFA Replacement Based on LF-LC Concept

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New halo car to be based on the gorgeous concept but won't be as pricey as the $375k LFA.

A successor to the Lexus LFA was always going to have some pretty big shoes to fill, and if Autocar's report is to be believed, the new top-level model will be based on the spectacular LF-LC concept that blew away the Detroit Motor Show crowd away in 2012. Speaking of the concept, Lexus engineer and LFA mastermind Haruhiko Tanahashi said: "I have the expectation that car will be launched. I personally hope the LF-LC will be built.

I think most of Lexus's concept cars have been turned into production cars." The new halo car would be positioned above the new RC coupe, and be priced lower than the LFA. Lexus' international boss, Mark Templin, has reiterated Tanahashi's claim, but said more mainstream F-badged models will come first. "We want a whole level of real F products with a car like the LFA being at the top of it. It doesn't mean we have something on the drawing board." A 5.0-liter V8 RC F will be the first of these, set to debut at Detroit next month, with a GS F and second-gen IS F to follow.

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