Lexus LFA Successor To Be Called The Lexus LFR

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It's coming! The Lexus LFR will continue the LFA's magnificent legacy.

In the automotive world, a good halo car is worth its weight in gold. That's something no one told BMW M. But Lexus knows a thing or two about a good halo, and the LFA has been the posterchild of the brand since it was first revealed more than a decade ago. But the LFA is gone, and in its place, Lexus wants to bring back some of its secret sauce in an electrified successor.

Thanks to trademark filings with the European Union Intellectual Property Office (EUIPO), CarBuzz has discovered that the new sports car will officially be called the Lexus LFR.

Lexus LFR Teaser Render CarBuzz Lexus Lexus
Lexus LFR Teaser Render

The LFR nomenclature was rumored on the public internet forum Reddit, but today's trademarks come as the first official confirmation of such a name.

We already have a strong idea as to what the Lexus LFR will look like - the Electrified Sport concept revealed last year was confirmed at the time of its reveal to inherit the LFA's "secret sauce." However, that concept, which has subsequently been shown off on several occasions, including on American soil earlier this year, may not be all-electric as we originally thought.

The original Electrified Sport was said to have a 435-mile range and a 0-60 mph sprint of the "low 2-second range." Whether these figures will be true of the production car is anyone's guess.

Lexus Lexus

The rumor mill has been in overdrive this year with propulsion options ranging from being a full BEV to a plug-in hybrid with more than 1,000 horsepower on tap. More recent rumors from Japan have suggested a twin-turbo 4.0-liter V8 engine that was long rumored to power the LC F aided by a hybrid system with more than 700 hp available. If Lexus sticks to the 'electrified' part of the concept's name, as opposed to electric, a hybrid system would make complete sense.

Other information that has surfaced from within Lexus itself is that the new car will have a virtual manual transmission with three pedals and a manual shifter, something Toyota patented in February 2022, and that it will share Toyota TNGA-L architecture with the Lexus LC Coupe.

Toyota Lexus

Little else is known for the time being, but with a name and a design that looks ready to enter production, you can bet that the rumor mill will not slow down any time soon. Whether Lexus has the technology at its fingertips to make a battery electric vehicle worth of succeeding the LFA's magnificent V10 powertrain possible is unknown - especially since the brand only has two EVs in its entire fleet. However, hybridization is something the brand knows all too well, and the Lexus LFR could see that technology implemented in a performance icon for the record books.

Lexus Lexus

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