Lexus LFA Successor To Have Virtual Manual Transmission

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This could be unnecessary but fun.

The LFA successor is either going to arrive with a race car-derived twin-turbo V8, an all-electric powertrain as per the Electrified Sport, or perhaps both ICE and EV variants will be offered. A more recent rumor even suggested it will have close to 1,000 horsepower. What we do now know is that the LFA's successor might come with a virtual manual transmission, something Lexus President Koji Sato let slip to Top Gear in a recent interview. In February, we reported on a patent Toyota submitted regarding just that. A manual transmission in an all-electric car is unnecessary as the vehicle's coding controls the torque. However, that coding can have a variation that simulates shifting gears and gives control of that over to the driver.


The software can even simulate a traditional transmission's traditional clutch feel and gear shift despite not being mechanically tethered to the drivetrain. The concept brings a whole new level to the idea of the "PlayStation car" a criticism that used to be leveled at the Nissan GT-R by people that never drove one. However, it could bring an extra element of fun to the LFA Mk2. It's also something that could filter down to other electric Lexus models and would suit something like an all-electric LC model.


It's by no means a certainty that the LFA's successor will have the virtual manual transmission system, but Sato did confirm a few things. It will use steer-by-wire technology, which is par for the course now; its zero to 60 mph time will be in the "low two-second range," solid-state batteries will be a factor, and torque vectoring technology will be a key to the new halo model.

Like the original LFA, its successor will exist more to showcase the technology Lexus is capable of than sell in big numbers.

The Lexus Electrified Concept will make its US debut at Pebble Beach next week. More LFAs were sold in the US than anywhere else, so announcing its successor here would be fitting, We think it might be a bit early for that, but watch this space.

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Source Credits: Top Gear

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