Lexus LM Minivan Costs As Much As A Bentley Flying Spur

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The back seat is more comfortable than your local cigar lounge.

Shoppers on the hunt for an elite luxury car with stretch-out space in the back seat will often default to one of the Germans, with the Mercedes-Benz S-Class - which has just been completely redesigned - typically leading the way. And, for anyone needing to cart around a family of more than five, a minivan like the Chrysler Pacifica will do just fine. Rarely do these two distinct buyer profiles converge, but Lexus disagrees.

You see, in China, a minivan can double as a status symbol for the wealthy - enter the Lexus LM 300h. Sold in two configurations, the four-seater Royal Edition will set you back a whopping 1.466 million yuan, equivalent to nearly $215,000. That's almost exactly the same price as a mega luxury sedan like the Bentley Flying Spur.

Lexus Lexus Lexus Lexus

As you can see from the pictures, this four-seater version features a front area for the driver and front-seat passenger that is completely separated from the back, where some awfully important people can be seated in what looks like two of the most indulgent seats with more legroom than LeBron James would know what to do with. Ahead of them is a wall with a 26-inch giant screen - eat that, Tesla.

But before you even board the LM, there are signs of its lofty stature such as an enormous interpretation of the spindle grille, which is chrome-plated. There are L-shaped matrix LED headlights, lots of chrome surrounding the side windows, and a taillight that spans the width of this hybrid luxury chariot. It's rather ungainly, but it sure looks expensive.

Lexus Lexus Lexus Lexus

Inside, those rear seats recline and are equipped with massage functions. Rear-seat passengers have access to their own touchscreen along with a refrigerator for storing up to two bottles of Dom Pérignon. It's all very Rolls-Royce. For carrying more passengers, a seven-seater layout is available.

Not that the driver seems all that important when it comes to the LM, but power comes from a hybrid powertrain with a 2.5-liter four-cylinder engine with a peak output of 161 horsepower. This is paired with all-wheel drive and a CVT gearbox. That's not a lot of power, but we doubt that the CEO in the back seat wants to be jolted about in any case. With unrivaled space and a new level of back-seat privacy, the Lexus LM 300h is the ultimate minivan.

Lexus Lexus Lexus Lexus Lexus Lexus

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