Lexus LS Gets Performance Upgrade From Toyota's Kinto Factory Service

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The Toyota Venza and Lexus UX also benefit from retrofitted upgrades.

Toyota Japan, through its Kinto Factory upgrade service, has unveiled a host of upgrades for several Lexus and Toyota models.

Kinto has previously provided the delightful GR Yaris with a power boost, but the latest upgrades center around creating a more luxurious experience for owners of the Lexus LS, UX crossover, and Toyota Harrier (known in the US as the Venza).

Toyota's factory upgrade service has looked at the Harrier and asked itself what customers would want or need. As such, owners can choose to retrofit blind-spot monitors to improve safety (approx. $739). Convenience-wise, a hands-free function is available for the tailgate (approx. $246). It's not the conventional upgrades one would expect, but it's great to see a manufacturer offering these upgrades to existing customers.

The cool stuff is reserved for the Lexus LS, though.


The top-of-the-range Lexus LS is privy to a powertrain upgrade. The software update sharpens the throttle response and improves acceleration. In the gas-only LS 500, torque has been upgraded in the commonly used driving ranges. Furthermore, the gearbox limits downshifts when accelerating, resulting in a smoother ride.

In the LS 500h, the battery assist is increased when the throttle is pushed, improving acceleration in the hybrid derivative. The software upgrade varies in cost. Customers will pay around $985 for the gas-powered LS and between $985 and $1,187 for the hybrid model.

The compact Lexus UX can be equipped with a Type-A USB charging port (approx. $74), bringing more convenience to occupants. For F Sport trim levels, Kinto is offering orange-painted brake calipers (approx. $895) and an aluminum footrest ($147,80).

2021-2023 Lexus LS Front-End View Lexus
2021-2023 Toyota Venza Rear-Facing View Toyota
Front Angle View Lexus

For now, these improvements are limited to the Japanese market. Hopefully, they'll make their way to the American market sometime soon.

These upgrades are subtle and more sensible than others we've seen. For those that want a more aggressive exterior look, the Japanese automaker has Modellista, a styling arm that offers body kits for Toyota and Lexus models. The in-house tuner recently worked its magic on the Venza, lending the sensible family SUV some serious presence.

Kinto has a few more things on the horizon and has plans to offer a special package for the new Prius later this year. The Kinto Unlimited subscription service will enable customers to upgrade their vehicles continuously whenever a useful enhancement hits the market.


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