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Lexus Makes A Bold Decision For This Hot-Seller

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Something will happen starting in 2022.

For the first time ever Toyota has decided to move production of its entry-level luxury crossover, the Lexus NX and NX Hybrid, out of Japan. The country it chose to take over production? None other than Canada, where the people are reportedly as polite and pleasant as the NX is to drive.

Aside from conveniently placing the end of the NX production spout closer to the North American market, the move is a sign that Toyota and Canada have a bright future together. Speaking alongside the president of Toyota's Canadian wing, Fred Volf, Canadian prime minister Justin Trudeau announced that Toyota would invest hundreds of millions into its Cambridge, Ontario plant to "supply the entire North American market," according to CBC.

The partnership is evidence that Toyota still believes in Canada, a notion that came into question when it moved some RAV4 production to Toyota's Georgetown, Kentucky plant. "It means that Toyota's Canadian manufacturing operations are here to stay," said Volf. "It means that we will continue to be a leader in Canada and globally." This is a good sign for Canada, which has seen its status as a country with a strong auto manufacturing sector come into question as automakers like Fiat Chrysler and General Motors have cut shifts or shut down factories entirely.

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Toyota Lexus also has plenty to gain from Canada's diplomatic tendencies, which it has used to create advantageous trade policies. Trudeau articulated some of the reasoning behind Toyota's move, saying, "We have preferential trade access to two-thirds of the global economy. In fact, we're the only G7 country that has free trade deals with every other G7 country." Being nice, it seems, does have its advantages.