Lexus Makes Subtle Change To All New Models

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Spelled-out script badges will replace the traditional logo on the trunk of new models.

Lexus is making loads of big moves as it embraces an electric future. We've seen a concept that could finally become the LFA's long-awaited successor, and the luxury automaker just revealed its first electric vehicle in the form of the RZ. As part of this new chapter, Lexus is making some changes, the first of which can be seen on the back of vehicles lik the 2022 Lexus NX.

On this new SUV, the Lexus logo badge has been eschewed in favor of a written-out script, and this will now become the norm for future models, says global head of marketing Brian Bolain in an interview with MotorTrend.

Logo Lexus
Insignia Lexus

"We need some way to signify that change is coming to Lexus, and this may seem like a dumb way, but it catches your eye," says Bolain. Fortunately, the updates to the NX are more than just skin-deep. The luxury SUV also benefits from a new infotainment system that uses Google Maps for navigation info. It can also connect to Apple Music and Amazon Music and boasts wireless Apple CarPlay and Android Auto. The annoyingly frustrating joystick that was used to control Lexus infotainment systems of the past has also been done away with, and these changes will carry over to numerous other models in record time.

Central Control Panel Lexus
Gear Shifter Lexus
Grill Lexus
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Bolain says that Lexus doesn't want to wait for a midlife refresh and is instead choosing to roll the new tech out to as many vehicles as possible as quickly as possible. "There's a very quick window, something like 30 months or so, but we're not waiting for major changes," says Bolain. "We're doing it fast."

This kind of urgency will help show customers that Lexus is keeping with the times and can be relied upon to provide the best and latest tech on the market, something that could help improve its public image and further bolster its class-leading credentials. We look forward to seeing how else Lexus aims to revolutionize itself, and hopefully, the next few changes will pertain to more than just a new way of identifying itself on its own cars.

Driving Front Angle Lexus
Forward View Lexus
Source Credits: MotorTrend
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