Lexus Officially Unveils the LF-LC Concept at Detroit


Lexus officially unveils their LF-LC hybrid sports coupe concept at the 2012 Detroit Auto Show.

Without question, Lexus is anxious to rebrand itself away from its past. On the one hand, they literally set the benchmark for quality in a luxury brand when they first launched. Since then, they've been consistent with their 'relentless pursuit of perfection,' but they've also missed something else: excitement. Now that the LFA halo supercar has been released, the brand is anxious to continue what that model has started.

Enter the LF-LC concept, a 2+2 coupe that most agree is the most stunning thing to come out of their design studio in, well, ever. Picking up pretty much where the LFA and GS sedan left off, the LF-LC is the product of the automaker's Newport Beach, California design studio. And if this is the future of Lexus design, then it represents a complete Ctrl + Alt + Delete to their styling philosophy. We should all be aware, however, that this is solely a design study for now, and that no production plans have been announced. What the LF-LC does show is what future models may look like.

With its bold and angled front grille mixed with LED headlamps, Lexus is clearly veering away from their conservative past and hopes to attract buyers who've normally shopped elsewhere.

The interior is also an equally pleasing thing to see, with its sleek and polished wood trim. Complete with the required leather seats and tons of suede, the overall design is exactly where Lexus needs to be. There's also a pair of 12.3-inch info and navigation touch screens. Overall, the LF-LC is a stunning design that we hope will see the light of day in some form, whether as a new grand touring coupe or even its styling elements throughout the lineup.

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