Lexus Planning a New Halo Model?

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The success of the Lexus LFA has the brand thinking about what kind of halo model to build next, if at all.

With the LFA, Lexus proved to the world that it was capable of building a true supercar. But since the LFA officially ended production earlier this month (a roadster variant may be coming soon), Lexus executives have clearly recognized the importance of having a halo car and are apparently keen to build a new in the near future. In a report coming from Automotive News, Lexus Executive Vice President Kazuo Ohara confessed, "If we want to build a more emotional brand, then we need a halo car."

Don't expect for this new model to have the LFA's ultra high performance capabilities, though. Lexus wants any new halo car to be more visible on city streets, whereas something like the LFA will be more prone to being kept garaged by wealthy collectors. So far Toyota's luxury counterpart has remained mum as to what that new car will be, but the LF-LC concept revealed last year at Detroit was very well received by the press and public. Whether it'll be used as a starting point remains uncertain. However, the company's global marketing chief, Mark Templin, isn't wild about a halo model in general.

He wants to focus on attracting younger buyers to the brand, and while a halo model is all fine and good, it's generally not affordable. Our advice: Start with the new rear-wheel-drive GS sedan's platform, shorten it a bit and add a body design based on the LF-LC concept. Combine that with the sedan's powerful 3.5-liter V6 and Lexus could have one fast, stylish and (crucially) cost-effective sports coupe on its hands.

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