Lexus Previews Lane Valet, A Feature That Eliminates Left Lane Campers

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Of all the semi-autonomous features out there, this is by far our favorite.

In the land of the free and the home of the brave, the main assumption is that all men are created equal. Any differences in personal rights between one person or another are either swept under the rug or assumed to be due to financial status. Making a play on the latter of the two methods of being better than other people is Lexus, which has introduced a new feature for its vehicles as an April Fool's day gag. Unfortunately, that means it's not actually something you can buy.

Dubbed Lane Valet, this Lexus feature is likely to become our favorite semi-autonomous feature to have once the autonomous revolution takes place, at least as long as self-driving cars still have the option to let the driver actually drive. The technology is simple. Just drive up behind a left-lane camper on the freeway and push the valet button.

Then, without the need to honk, flash high beams, or even tailgate, the system automatically takes over steering and moves the car in front to the right, clearing up the left lane for liberal use of the right foot. Us gearheads can only dream right? Too bad the technology will not come to fruition anytime soon, but what can be gathered from this spoof is that Lexus wants to make clear that it cares about drivers. Fittingly, it decided to use its upcoming LC grand tourer as the vehicle modeling the tech, giving us time to hear its exotic exhaust rasp and imagine, even if only for a moment, how good it must feel to live out your dreams.

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