Lexus RC F Vs. BMW M4: A Duel For The Better Driver's Car

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Has the M4 finally met its match?

This comparison test isn't all that new. It's been done before and the results are known. That is, the results regarding outright speed and straight line performance. The BMW M4 easily triumphs over the Lexus RC F here. But there's another factor that many believe to be even more important: the better driver's car. Don't automatically assume the M4 wins this category as well, despite being an excellent all-around machine. Remember, the M4 is powered by a twin-turbo inline-six while the RC F has a naturally aspirated V8.

The point is that torque delivery is different for each and thus affects how the car handles on the track. Autocar recently got behind the wheel of both to try and determine which of the two is not only the best track toy, but also which they would prefer to own.

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