Lexus Registers RC F Trademark

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Lexus is quickly moving away from its more expensive Toyota image towards a brand for driving enthusiasts.

Lexus has made no secret about its intention to inject some much-needed excitement into its cars. Beginning with its now discontinued LFA halo car, the Japanese automaker has carried on its plans with the new GS and IS. And in order to gain a competitive edge over its German rivals (and Cadillac!), Lexus has no intention of stopping with those two aforementioned models. It's just been revealed that Lexus has registered the "RC F" trademark that could be the name of the upcoming production version of the LF-CC concept.

Last November, Lexus also registered the "RC 350" name, suggesting this will be the name of the coupe version of the IS. The "F" is a clear indicator at a high-performance version, in keeping with the naming scheme of the IS F. The RC 350 will likely be powered by the same 3.5-liter V6 found in the GS 350 and IS 350. Nothing is official as yet, but if the upcoming coupe and its high-performance variant look anything like the new IS sedan and the LF-CC concept, then Lexus may finally be recognized as an enthusiast brand.

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