Lexus Reveals 5 Incredible Custom Builds At SEMA 2022

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From a track-focused IS sedan to an Overlanding GX 460, there's something for everyone.

After wowing the SEMA crowds last year with two race-ready IS sedans, Lexus has returned to the Las Vegas expo with no less than six awesome builds.

The venerable IS makes a return this year, with Lexus transforming a regular IS 350 F Sport into the DSport IS600+. The name change is a nod to the revised power figures; the now-turbocharged 3.5-liter V6 packs a mighty 600 horsepower when running on E85 fuel. Lexus describes this build as a track-focused project and has modified the sedan accordingly.

As such, you'll find a six-speed sequential manual transmission and a custom roll cage that not only stiffens the chassis but provides superior safety. To keep the IS600+ on the road, Lexus has fitted the vehicle with Volk Racing 19-inch wheels, wrapped up in Michelin Pilot Sport rubber. Behind the wheels, you'll find the carbon ceramic brakes from a Lexus RC F.

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Lexus DSport IS600+

In keeping with the track-focused theme, the exterior has been treated to a dramatic-looking widebody kit from Artisan Spirits, along with a Seibon carbon fiber hood and trunk. While the latter looks great, the sole purpose, says Lexus, is to reduce weight and increase speed. Lastly, the entire vehicle has been coated in Axalta Multi-Stage Custom Paint.

However, if you're looking for something sleeker and more futuristic, the automaker has you covered with the striking Electrified Sport. Revealed some time ago, the all-electric supercar is being billed as an LFA replacement and is said to "symbolize the next chapter of Lexus."

SEMA showgoers will be able to get a glimpse of the stunning EV supercar for the first time. While it's some time away from production, Lexus envisions a 0 to 60 mph time in the low two-second range and an all-electric range of around 430 miles

It's not just the performance set Lexus has catered to this year. There are some impressive off-road builds, ranging from serious Overlanding vehicles to style-conscious SUVs.

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Lexus LX Urban Concept

The Lexus LX is a mighty SUV, and is capable of traversing the roughest terrain you can throw at it. But it's just at home on Rodeo Drive as it is the Rocky Mountains and, if you prefer the former, the next build is aimed right at you. The Urban Concept (based on a 600 F Sport) has been designed as a realistic, attainable build.

Artisan Spirits provided the body kit, which comprises several carbon fiber accents. The front end is more aggressive thanks to the sporty lip. Round back, you'll notice a subtle spoiler, bumper garnish, and a rear diffuser, while wider wheel arches contribute to the menacing stance.

It's a very subtle design (compared to other SEMA builds, at least) but the attention to detail is astounding. Behind those gorgeous Satin Bronze, 24-inch HRE wheels, you'll spot the Brembo brakes that have been painted black to match the dark carbon fiber trim. An Artisan Spirits Black Label Titanium exhaust finishes everything off nicely and presumably gives the LX600 a throatier growl.

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Lexus LX Alpine Lifestyle Concept

The more practical LX build has to be the Alpine Lifestyle Concept. This build, says Lexus, is where adventure and luxury intersect. All the upgrades made to the LX 600 aim to improve its capabilities off-road, with a Dissent Off-road Body Armour setup shielding important components. JAOS carbon fiber over fenders lends the rugged machine some style, as do the 20-inch Vossen HF6-4 Hybrid Anthracite wheels.

Chunky Bridgestone All-Terrain tires will allow the Lexus to travel further into the wilderness. Other brilliant enhancements include the Dissent Off-road Aluminum Rack System, which houses the camp chairs, coolers, and GoBoxes, all provided by Yeti. Sited at the front of the rack system, you'll find the light bar, which should come in handy when exploring after sunset.

Provided by Rigid Industries, another is fitted just beneath the radiator grille. The LX has been finished in a sinister Satin Clear Manganese Luster which gives the luxury Lexus a robust yet premium look. The best feature, however, has to be the TrekBoxx Expedition System. Occupants can use this nifty feature to prepare food or drinks, thanks to its galley-style setup.

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Lexus GX 460 By Cruiser Outfitters

For the GX 460 build, Lexus partnered with Cruiser Outfitters to create the ultimate Overlanding vehicle. The GX is already a capable SUV, but this example has been transformed into a seemingly unstoppable force. Old Man Emu BP 51 suspension has jacked the entire vehicle up, providing better ground clearance but, importantly, allowing for the fitment of larger Toyo Open Country tires.

The CBI front bumper boasts a winch and recovery points, should you find yourself in a spot of bother. A Yaesu 2M radio also allows occupants to communicate with those nearby in case things get serious. CBI has also provided the build with a host of protective equipment, with front, mid, and lower control arm skid plates protecting the mechanical components. It's a serious piece of machinery, and the roof boasts not only a top tent but plenty of space for storage too.

Inside, you'll find the GX has been equipped like an upmarket home. There's a fridge/freezer for all your culinary needs, along with a kitchen to prepare food in. Lexus has wrapped the GX in a striking shade of Turquoise Lavender.

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Lexus RX 500h F Sport

Lastly, Lexus has turned its attention to the all-new RX luxury SUV. Based on the range-topping RX 500h F Sport, the newcomer has been wrapped in Matte Violet Metallic and sits on rather handsome 22-inch wheels from Rays Engineering. Save from the vibrant new color and funky new rims, the RX remains unchanged.

However, it will be the first time many people see the new RX in the metal and, as one of the company's best-selling nameplates, it's a huge opportunity for Lexus. The automaker has continued its tradition of bringing exciting builds to SEMA and sparking creativity amongst many showgoers, for whom Lexus means a great deal.

The brand is quick to point out that not all the modifications made to these design prototypes are street-legal, and some may even void your vehicle's warranty. So, before you get ideas of what to do with the family ES or GS sedan, consult with your local dealer before making any changes.

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