Lexus Reveals Limited Edition Models Inspired By Marvel's Black Panther

Special Edition

Both cars will be showcased at SEMA next week.

Superhero movies often feature cool cars disguised as product placement. Spiderman Homecoming featured the debut of the luxurious Audi A8 in one of the most blatant examples of movie car product placement that shoehorned a demonstration of its autonomous driving abilities. In the upcoming DC Justice League movie extravaganza, Ben Affleck’s Batman will get behind the wheel of a radical Mercedes concept car. For the next Marvel movie, Audi has been replaced with a 2018 Lexus LC 500 that will feature in Black Panther next year.

To commemorate the manufacturer’s partnership with Marvel, Lexus has revealed two special edition models featuring special flourishes inspired by the upcoming comic book movie. First up is the limited-edition 2018 Lexus LC Inspiration Series that’s finished in an exclusive deeply saturated iridescent Structural Blue color. Limited to only 100 units in the US, the car’s unique paint finish is inspired by the morpho butterfly and takes eight months to develop. What makes it special is that there’s no blue pigment in the finish, but the innovative construction reflects blue light to “produce a compelling motion effect” even when stationary.

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Further distinguishing the Lexus LC Inspiration Series is a unique carbon fiber scuff plate, bespoke white interior, and 21-inch forged alloy wheels. Lexus has also announced what it calls the Black Panther Inspired LC Car. Unlike the limited LC Inspiration Series, this is a concept car so you won’t be able to buy it. Comitting to the comic book theme, Lexus says the concept is constructed out of vibranium (if you’re not a Marvel movie fanatic, that’s the name of the fictional metal Black Panther’s suit is made from) to make it bulletproof. The powertrain also gets a boost as the car runs on a vibranium-powered core instead of traditional gasoline.

There’s also a “Brain/Computer Interface” that creates a “symbiotic relationship between the vehicle and its driver,” and the car can be driven remotely. Someone had fun writing that press release. Getting back to reality, the concept car has Black Panther’s masked face imprinted on the hood, while the side mirrors are designed to resemble a panther’s claw. It also sports a custom widebody kit and underglow neon lighting. Both cars will debut at next week’s SEMA show in Las Vegas. You’ll be able to see the Lexus LC 500 in action on the big screen when Black Panther speeds into theaters February 16, 2018. Baby Driver’s Jeremy Fry did some of the stunt driving in the film, so our expectations are high.

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