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Lexus Reveals Why Owning Matt Paint Is A Total Pain

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A unique style just isn't worth the effort.

Lexus has been rumored to be working on a hotter version of the RC F, but for now, the car has remained relatively the same since it was put on the market back in 2014. Lexus did make special edition models of both the RC F and GS F to commemorate the F brand's 10th anniversary, but no major performance upgrades accompanied the special editions.

The most significant change for the special edition cars was the use of matt Mercury Grey paint. This marked the first time Lexus had ever offered matt paint on a car and has now decided to make a blog post about how to maintain this type of paint job.

What was meant to be a useful piece of consumer advice, just makes us remember why we wouldn't want to own a car with matt paint. These paint jobs are lovely to look at on the right car but require a lot of work to maintain.

Lexus explains that a car's paint job is made up of four elements: primer coat, intermediate coat, top coat base, and top coat clear. The difference with a matt paint is the final clear coat, which has an uneven finish that diffuses reflected light to appear less glossy.

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Due to its unique texture, matt paint is more prone to trap dirt, which means it needs to be washed carefully and often. Lexus specifically says "materials should be washed away as soon as possible so they do not settle into the surface and become more difficult to remove."

Matt paint also cannot be combined with normal cleaning supplies. Lexus warns that "Proprietary car body sealants and waxes are designed to form a protective film over a painted surface, so these should not be applied to the bodywork of a car painted with a matt finish. They will flatten the surface and make it more glossy."

The company goes into a lot of detail on how to maintain the paint but the highlights include parking it in a garage or using a cover with "fleece or non-woven lining," hand washing it (no automatic car washes or power washers), and quickly drying it to avoid water spots. The paint certainly looks cool, but owning it is only for the true enthusiasts who love detailing their rides.